Complete product line of consumables

The company's existing ink cartridges, printing consumables, auxiliary machines, and consumption accessories cover almost all imported series of models and most domestic models, with wide applicability.

Highly qualified professional team

The company is equipped with a professional production and design team, and its products are controlled by professionals from creativity to design to production to ensure the quality of listed products.

High standard product quality requirements

The company is equipped with professional testing personnel from product design to production, and has multiple testing requirements to strive for perfect quality of the products.

Rich practical experience

The company has 20 years of sales, production, research and development experience in the large format printing industry and many years of industry experience, providing strong support for product design, research and development and sales.


We are the production and asles of Large format Inkjet printer accessories,supplies and accessories company. Automatic Media Take up Real System for all Large format inkjet printer,Smart digital electric control dryer for all Large format Inkjet printer,Ink filling machine. Compatible Inkjet cartridges, Ink cartridges,CISS cartridges filled. All kinds of Inkjet catridge chip and decode card supplies. Our own factory, can provide injection mold development,injection molding,plastic parts welding,product assembly and other servicse. Can be cstomized according to custrmer needs the product. Welcome to call or email !


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How to correctly use compatible consumables

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